3D Printing – The benefits, the opportunities and the future

Two upcoming events brought to you through the University of South Australia and the Polaris Centre aim to help northern industry understand and embrace the opportunities around 3D printing.

The first seminar on the 4th of November presented by 3 experts in the area of additive manufacturing, Professor Gordon Wallace, Associate Professor Peter Murphy and Dr Stephen Beirne will discuss how the integration of materials science, high speed data transmission and 3D printing technologies is challenging the traditional approach to manufacturing. Specifically they will highlight:

  •  commercially available 3D printing solutions
  •  the new 3D printing technologies and materials on the horizon
  •  additive bio fabrication and implications for medical advances
  •  future opportunities for printing high-value add components

The second session on the 18th of November is an intimate, engaging and hands on workshop with Asscociate Professor Peter Murphy and Dr David Chan where attendees will have the opportunity to undertake some 3D printing in one of the University’s 3D printing laboratories. This session will really allow attendees to ask questions, increase their knowledge and explore the opportunities around 3D printing and how it can offer potential benefit to their business.

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