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Trymoss Engineering

There are challenges in the South Australian Manufacturing Sector but the Polaris Business and Innovation Centre team is hearten by the focus on new markets displayed by many northern businesses. Local businesses Trymoss Engineering & H.P.H.T Drilling Tools are expanding their innovative designs into the oil and gas sectors with the development of their High […]

Simon Tanner Real Estate

Tanner Real Estate has been operating in the real estate market and selling homes for the past three and a half years. While still a relatively young company, Tanner Real Estate has already established a reputation for exceptional service and outstanding results. “I think you’d be mad not to use the Polaris Centre” – Tanner […]

BW Enterprizes

BW Enterprizes, based at Burton, makes essential components for trucks and road trains. While having been in business for less than two years, BW Enterprizes is responsible for designing the Binder Winder – a unique and easy way of winding portable ratcheted straps for storage when they’re not in use, which can be fitted to […]

Icon Graphic Design

Icon Graphic Design, based at Mawson Lakes, produces artwork for almost any project. From logo designs to business cards, letterheads to brochures and even signage, Icon Graphic Design can undertake or even print manage most projects. “We are learning a lot and it’s been great. I’ve recommended the Polaris Centre to a number of people” […]

Parafield Ink and Toner

Parafield Ink and Toner is a successful Pooraka-based business providing computer and printer consumables with a strong focus on the environmental benefits of refilling cartridges. The company has been in operation for the past five years and has experienced many changes in the process of establishing its current place in the market. “The cost of […]

Dresseasy Clothing Inspired by Lacey Shea

Dresseasy Clothing Inspired by Lacey Shea designs functional, high quality clothing for people with special needs such as those with stiff limbs, broken arms, people in aged care or those suffering with dementia or autism. Dresseasy Clothing Inspired by Lacey Shea is based at Munno Para West and has grown from initially specialising in making […]

Understanding Big Data as a competitive advantage

Our increasingly intelligent and interconnected world is bringing huge changes to our lives and the way our businesses exist and operate. Through increasing business transaction processing systems, social media and online commerce to name a few areas, enormous amounts of data are now produced and collected. It has been estimated that more data was collected […]

New partnerships to lead innovation and enterprise growth

As the manufacturing sector in South Australian continues to face challenges, there is now a compelling need to find transformative ways to transition the economic base of our state and northern Adelaide. Two new partnerships of the University of South Australia aim to help drive innovation through the development of three new Centres. These new […]