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The difference between marketing and sales – The Marketing and Sales Dance

Marketing and sales go hand in glove – two people dancing together to the same music –The Marketing and Sales dance. However, each has a distinctly different function and purpose in any business. Now the overall, primary function of your business is to – Attract, to Make and to Keep customers. Without customers, you do not have […]

Plan to sell your business – even if you don’t want to

Would your house be ready for sale and your first open inspection is right now, today? Mine certainly would not be. However, regular maintenance and up keep would make the preparation easier and decidedly much quicker. Having your business ready for sale is a similar process. The unexpected can happen at any time. Something that […]

Small Business Support – In Action

The Polaris Business and Innovation Centre is taking its small business support services direct to northern Adelaide retailers. “it is tough times for retailer’s and for whatever the reason for poor profits, the retailer cannot afford to sit back and wait for things to change for the better, –they may never change,” said Polaris Centre […]