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Brace Yourself! Our January client story about mensbraces.com.au

We love hearing great client stories of new ventures and successes. This month we heard that Wendy from Executive Accessories who blogged for us a while back about moving to Shopify had started a new site, this time using Bigcommerce. I asked Wendy to write up a little post for us to share her site and experiences.

Neil and I are very proud to have launched our third e-commerce store www.mensbraces.com.au

Braces have always been a popular line on our flagship site www.executiveaccessories.com.au and our customers are always telling us how pleased they are to find us. So we decided to make it easier by creating an online boutique specialising in braces.

We are hoping that by creating this niche store we will become the go-to destination for mens braces in Australia.

Our aim is to have the largest selection of quality braces in Australia and with over 60 styles to choose from we are already well on the way. The range includes airport friendly braces (that don’t set alarm bells ringing!), formal button on suspenders and even super soft braces that you can wear next to your skin if you don’t want to tuck your shirt in.

Once again we have decided to go with an e-commerce platform – where we pay a monthly subscription and have access to amazing features and functionality – rather than having a stand-alone website built. However this time we opted for a Bigcommerce site (our other two stores run on the Shopify platform), and so far so good.

Bigcommerce is an Aussie company, which is great. But they charge in US dollars, which is not so great (especially given the exchange rate at the moment!). The support is fantastic and there is a good selection of themes to choose from.

The site is only a month old and we are still “tweaking” it, but once it’s been up and running a little longer and hopefully risen in the search engine results, I will post a comparison between Shopify and Bigcommerce. So watch this space!

In the meantime we would love some feedback on the website!


Wendy Gomersall

Executive Accessories

Thanks Wendy! Very informative and I look forward to hearing how it goes.

If you are reading this and think you might have a story worth sharing, shoot me through an email or give us a call at Polaris.

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