Business Fundamentals – sharing it with Victor Harbor small businesses

The 3.5 hour Polaris Business Fundamentals workshop is a workshop specially designed by the Polaris Centre for start-up and growing businesses.  The workshop has become so popular it is now held every 2 weeks at our Polaris Centre and at the Stretton Centre –Munno Para – most workshops are booked out at least one week in advance.
The Victor Harbor council have invited us to deliver our Business Fundamentals to start-up businesses at Victor Harbor on the 14th of September.
This will also include the popular mentoring sessions that follow each workshop.
Start-up businesses are vital to the growth of our economy and the survival of those new businesses is even more important .  The Polaris Business Fundamentals is a road map and an important guide to start ups that will aid their development and avoid common pitfalls.
We at Polaris are pleased to share our knowledge and expertise – beyond the Salisbury environs.
This fits with the general policy of the City of Salisbury of sharing with other councils and institutions, especially those that promote small business.

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