Business leadership is essential cope with the rate of change in Northern Adelaide

A new generation of transformation leaders will be vital to securing a successful future for the Northern Adelaide region.

Good leadership is more important than it has ever been. In today’s world, the rate of change, ambiguity and complexity requires leaders with the skills to see around corners, be able to innovate to cope with, and adapt to, constant change, as well as being able to bring others along with them. Many leaders are caught unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with the kind of complex changes that they increasingly face in the world around them.

Leaders today need to engage both the head and the heart, develop new adaptive skills and capacities as well as courage, spirit and connection to purpose. This enables them to help others to navigate the conflict, frustration and fear caused by uncertainty. Leaders must also be willing to collaborate with people with very different perspectives, abilities and experiences in order to create innovative solutions. They need to be prepared to take risks and experiment. Self-awareness and strategic foresight capacity are essential. These are not skills that can be acquired from traditional approaches to leadership development that focus on competencies.

To develop these capacities, the Northern Leaders Edge Program will push participants out of their comfort zones, challenge and expand the way they think, the way they view themselves and the way they operate.

In the Northern Leaders Edge program, participants will work on their current leadership challenges – solving their real issues and thus providing an immediate return on investment for their organisation.


What is this program about?

Sponsored by GM Holden, the Northern Leaders Edge program has been designed to give managers and leaders working in Adelaide’s northern suburbs a leading edge. The program is based on the Leaders Institute of SA’s renowned Edge program (now in its eighth year.) This unique program is a powerful way to enhance and accelerate your performance as a leader.

Commencing in February 2016, each carefully selected Northern Leaders Edge group (of no more than 10 participants) will meet monthly, for confidential and structured 3.5 hour leadership development sessions facilitated by a wise, experienced and highly qualified Leadership development expert.

For more information and to get involved see Northern Leaders Edge program or download the flyer

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