BW Enterprizes

BW Enterprizes, based at Burton, makes essential components for trucks and road trains. While having been in business for less than two years, BW Enterprizes is responsible for designing the Binder Winder – a unique and easy way of winding portable ratcheted straps for storage when they’re not in use, which can be fitted to any gate slot on any trailer.

“If you’ve got a problem, take yourself to the Polaris Centre… they have helped me immensely” – BW Enterprizes owner John Ball

BW Enterprizes owner John Ball said the Binder Winder concept came about after sitting in his cab watching a fellow driver hand roll his portable ratchet straps on a hot 45 degree day. “That night I came up with Binder Winder; an Australian made durable device, designed to make the job of rolling and storing portable ratchet straps a little easier.”

“I’d been a truck driver for 48 years and I didn’t know anything about business, but the opportunity came up and I grabbed it,” said John, who took up the opportunity to participate in the Polaris Centre’s Mentoring for Success program

“It’s had a huge impact,” he said. “It has given me an insight into the business world and now I know where to go, who to see and what to do, and virtually how to run an organised business.”

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