Edinburgh Parks sites get snapped up

In the last 2 years in Edinburgh Parks several businesses have taken up 19.8ha of industrial sites creating over 250  jobs.  With the current pace of sites being taken up and with more deals in the pipeline this is supporting a smooth transition away from automotive activity and creating alternate job opportunities for displaced workers in the auto-sector.  What we are seeing is good value buying where businesses are realising the established infrastructure in the area; strategic location near to business opportunities; and the high quality buildings the ex-automotive buildings offer. These advantages were recently be reported in the The Advertiser where businesses explain why they have made the move to Edinburgh Parks over other locations. Read here. 

The businesses that have made the Edinburgh Parks their home in last 2 years include:


  • Footerville
  • Mayfield Engineering
  • Dowell Windows
  • Tilling
  • Comfresh
  • Infuse Bottling Company

Some of the many reasons why business are seeing the value in Edinburgh Parks include:

  • $1 billion Northern Connector under construction which will reduce transport times further the advantages the area offers which will be further complimented by South Road upgrades. Completion expected 2019/20.
  • Proximity to major Defence Contractors, Defence Science and Technology Group and RAAF Base.
  • Large variety of freight companies and Distribution Centres such as Coles Distribution Centre based in Edinburgh Parks.
  • Growing Food Processing industry in Adelaide’s North.
  • The potential the area will be further boosted if successful with Australian Government’s $10 billion-plus LAND 400 – Land Combat Vehicle System program which will involve the delivery and sustainment of up to 467 infantry fighting vehicles to replace Army’s M113AS4 armoured personnel carrier fleets. This phase is worth about $10-15 billion in acquisition, plus more than three decades of sustainment. Sources http://www.defencesa.com/projects/land-combat-vehicle-system-program ; http://www.defencesa.com/media/audio-visual-resources/land-combat-system-precinct-flythrough

Salisbury Council actively supports businesses grow and expand in the area. For details of the support available and the latest business successes visit www.salisburybusiness.com.au

Data redundancy – How prepared is your business?

Data backup systems serve as insurance in case something catastrophic happens to your server (or key computer).  What happens when a hard drive crashes, a computer virus corrupts your files, a fire destroys the building and all of its computers or a burglar walks off with your server? Is your ‘Cloud Data’ secure from collapse of that provider company?

If you have a good, recent backup, you can get back up and running quickly. Without one, you could be out of business or face serious disruptions.  That said, data backups are not created equally. The best data backup solutions cover the three R’s: Redundancy, Reliability, and Recovery.
We mean having more than one copy. Think of it like having a backup of your backup. Redundancy provides an extra measure of protection should something go awry with your backup.

Reliability is equally important. Does your backup actually happen as planned? Is the data recoverable? Is it backing up the right data in the first place? When it comes to reliability, we actually have two more R’s we want to mention: recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO).
RPO refers to the data than needs to be restored in order to get your business back up. RTO refers to the amount of time to perform the recovery before your business becomes adversely affected by downtime.
The crucial test of a redundant, reliable backup solution involves whether or not recovery is possible. It doesn’t do any good to have a backup medium that won’t actually restore your data in a timely manner.
Few businesses can afford to lose data or disrupt their services for more than a few hours. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you with a secure, reliable data backup and disaster recovery solution.
Contact your local IT solutions company to review your redundancy.

Adapted from a American article from a commercial provider –

See the full article here https://www.quikteks.com/redundancy-reliability-recovery-what-you-need-in-adata-backup-solution/

Five Ways to Market Your Small Business

Marketing is vital, without it, nobody knows you exist and therefore cannot engage with you, your products or services.

Use Social Media to your advantage
social media is your greatest asset if you use it properly.  The first step is to get a personal profile on as many platforms as you can.  Use Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter, LinkedIn and anything else you can think of. Get comfortable with it and think about how you communicate with brands you love and other businesses.

Don’t Forget to keep a consistent, professional image keep everything consistent between social media platforms you are using, your business card, shop front and any promotional pieces you have, proof read everything, contact details and operating hours are correct and it all looks professional. If you need help designing a business
card, reach out to someone with design skills.

Customer Service Is the Easiest Way To Look After Your Customers
As a small business, you need to look after your customers and service might not initially seem like marketing but it is all about how you communicate with people – potential customers and the public. Looking after your customers is not difficult – handle complaints quickly and swiftly, respond to feedback and acknowledge the customer.

Word Of Mouth Is King
You can’t beat good word of mouth however in the day and age of social media, it is easier than ever for word of mouth to spread. Maintaining customer service is the first  step but be aware of your reviews online. On Google+, you cannot remove a poor review, the products you are selling and services you are providing must also be of a good quality –keep the 4P’s of Marketing in mind – Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

If Word Of Mouth Is King, Planning Is Queen
Plan the launch of content on various social media platforms to be timed, stock of products to be available when it’s being promoted and most of all, you must be available within a reasonable time to customers when they need you. Have a contingency plan for when things don’t go to plan – an alternative number for when the phone is down or an additional admin account to your Facebook Page in case an account is compromised.

Written by: The Curious Cat

Rory’s Catering Co. Partners with Polaris for Success

The following testimonial was written by Michelle Le Cornu of Brainbox Marketing for Rory’s Catering and the Polaris Centre:

Rory’s Catering Co. has enjoyed a successful relationship with the Polaris Business and Innovation Centre since 2007.   Rory’s Catering Co. provides corporate and private catering including working lunches, seminars and workshops, corporate breakfasts and Christmas parties.

The relationship with Polaris began informally when Polaris advisors were customers at the onsite cafe at Innovation House, Mawson Lakes, which was managed by Rory’s Catering Co.  An initial conversation about business fostered a bigger discussion about how to grow Rory’s.  That is when Polaris staff invited owners, Rory and Louise Hope, to attend the Business Fundamentals Workshop.

“Business Fundamentals was a good introduction to formalise business.  I had a background in operations and I had some insight but I didn’t have the knowledge of how all areas of business work.” 

Equipped with the Business Fundamentals, Rory progressed to the Mentoring for Success program.

Mentoring for Success was a turning point for my business.  I was in a group with 11 other business owners who acted like a board.  We covered a different topic each month and I could use the board to discuss the issues I was facing in my business and get feedback on what to do.”

Over time, Rory’s business has grown from a small catering service to two businesses, Rory’s Catering Co. and Rory’s School Lunches employing 45 people. The Rory’s Group now has an external board including Rob Chisholm from Polaris, Alan Green Consulting and Brainbox Marketing.

“Rob mentored us through a period of change and we’ve been building ever since.  I wish I’d met Polaris at day one.  It’s taken us years to get our business structure and processes right and we’ve nailed it in the last 12 months.  We’re now in a position to focus on growth.” 

Visit Rory’s Catering Co. to view the menus and request a quote at www.roryscateringco.com.au.

To find out how your business can benefit from a relationship with Polaris Business and Innovation Centre, go to www.polariscentre.com.au

Mr Nice Guys love working with Geoff Haygreen and the Polaris Centre

Mr Nice Guys

Everybody always said starting a business is hard work and they were not wrong!

We started Mr Nice Guys over 3 years ago in an effort to support disadvantaged families with their home clean-ups to ensure that they did not lose their tenancies. We help with interior cleanups, yards and rubbish removals. We offer a personalised home care program, working with individuals where ever possible encouraging participation in their own home beautification. We offer our services to Government Departments, Non Government agencies that support people in their homes and private customers.

After working in the community sector for many years we really had no concept of the realities of running a business from home. We did not even begin to have an understanding of what lay ahead in regards to the hours we would need to put in behind the scenes, nor the complexities of laws, superannuation, WorkCover, payroll, accounting, GST , taxes and oh so much more.

When we were at the stage of thinking “all we didn’t know was too hard”, we came across the Polaris Centre and the small business mentoring programs. We attended the introductory Business Fundamentals session and signed up for mentoring, knowing that the road ahead could become easier if we had someone to guide us. From the first to our pending last session we have learnt and grown as small business owners. We have truly been mentored through every step of our journey and we often reflect that we could not have been as successful in our business without this guidance and support.

For us the mentoring experience has been so successful that we will continue with our participation even though the subsidising funding has ceased. It seems that every month there is something that comes up that we want to discuss, take suggestions on or ask for advice. Our relationship with our mentor, Geoff Haygreen, has helped us to grow both personally and professionally.

If you are considering starting or buying a business in the Northern Suburbs or you have already commenced a business and like us feel like you are swimming against the tide, please call the Polaris Centre and talk to them about the mentoring program. It will be one of the best calls you can make, for your success and most of all, for support to build the foundations of a successful business.

2016 Northern Business Breakfast Peter Kittle Motor Group Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

Stories from the Mentors: Common Business Dilemmas

Exporting, is it for me?

Todd Miller, TradeStart Export Advisor, spoke at the March  Northern Business Breakfast event.  The breakfasts are gaining a strong local following  as one of the largest monthly business breakfasts with up to 190 people attending.

Todd’s passion and enthusiasm for exporting was obvious.   His presentation drew on his experience when he ran his own business Aussie Inc. which exported various Australian consumer products including pet cleaning products, gourmet foods and even swags to the United States and Canada.

Some of Todd key tips for exporting include:

  1. Develop an Export Plan

Prepare and have an evolving Export Plan that is consistent with your Business Plan. It should be a concise document that outlines your export vision, market(s) you are targeting, your product offering and your expected outcomes and timing

  1. Research

Research, research, then research some more. You need to know about the market, conditions, any government or other import requirements. You need to know who your customer is, who your buyers are and how they may differ and/or respond to you and your company/brand/product differently to Australia. Get to know the cultural, social and business protocols in the market(s) you are targeting. Knowledge is power and will put you in good stead in your exporting success.

  1. Be prepared to put the time in

Exporting will take time, and in certain markets may take 3-5 years to ‘break through’. Make sure you have the capability and have a budget for this.

  1. Don’t give up

Starting your export adventure is very much like when you started your business. You need to be planned, organised and focussed, and don’t give up.

With Todd’s recent appointment as an Export Adviser with TradeStart, a joint program between Austrade and the State Government he is able to draw on his commercial experience to advise and assist businesses to achieve success in their export endeavours. He is here to help northern Adelaide Businesses with strategy, planning, market selection and insights. Businesses that are export ready can join the TradeStart Network and gain access to Austrade Services worldwide.

Unlock your export potential with new funding program

Todd also detailed the new Export Partnership Program, designed for both the established or intending exporters.  It provides a grant fund tosupports eligible companies with export marketing activities. Further information on the program is available at www.statedevelopment.sa.gov.au/epp

To find out more about export, including connections to the services which can be offered by Todd Miller please call the Polaris Centre on 8260 8205.

For next month’s breakfast on 22 April register here.


New Investment Prospectus Launched

Group edited

Pictured are Salisbury Council CEO John Harry, SA Minister Kyam Maher, Salisbury Mayor Gillian Aldridge and Leesa Vlahos MP.

Launched by Mayor Gillian Aldridge the City of Salisbury Investment Prospectus provides an exciting and compelling sense of opportunities and capacities for northern Adelaide businesses, developers, investors.

Backed by over forty businesses, it paints a compelling picture why Salisbury is such a great place to operate a business in.

What strikes readers is the range of competitive advantages in the City of Salisbury such as costs and efficiencies but what really shines through is the capabilities of local businesses like Osmoflo, BAE Systems, Liebherr, NewSat and UniSA. Likewise is great to see so many businesses openly sharing why they like doing business in Salisbury, this gives a sense of confidence that businesses see a strong and exciting future in the region.

The prospectus is being distributed widely and is available in English and Chinese and is supported by our comprehensive investment attraction support services.

The Investment Prospectus is part of the City of Salisbury’s long-standing efforts to attract investment, continue building northern Adelaide, and is part of our Makes Good Business Sense Campaign www.makesgoodbusinesssense.com.au.

Highlights from launch

Building a Resilient Business

A recent report by the Stretton Centre confirms that business owners in northern Adelaide are well aware of the potential impact that the closure of GM Holden will have on their business. According to that report nearly four in ten employers indicated the closure of the automotive sector may lead to a fall in employment with smaller enterprises most vulnerable to the impacts of the automotive industry closure.

While the figures make alarming reading, at the Polaris Centre we are already working with firms who are acknowledging the risks and are now taking deliberate steps to build more resilient businesses in preparation for the closure and subsequent loss of income from the region. These firms are employing strategies such as expanding markets, exploring new supply chains, developing new services and process improvement to increase efficiencies.

Although spoken in a different context, the new coach of the Adelaide Crows told his team that “success does not come looking for you.” The same applies in business. At the Polaris Centre we can help you identify programs that may be able to help your business grow. We also offer a complete range of business advisory, mentoring, business growth and digital economy programs.

For certain sectors the State and Commonwealth Governments are making grants and programs available. These include the Manufacturing Transition Programme, the Business Transformation Voucher Program and the Automotive Supplier Diversification Program.