Why e-commerce in China? Because its the biggest

e-commerce ChinaE-commerce in China is creating new opportunities and new ways to enter export markets. China’s e-commerce sector continues to grow and transform retail markets and social trends and when it comes to the global e-commerce market, there’s one contender who’s quickly becoming the world’s biggest: China.

China’s online market is the biggest in the world with an estimated value of 450 billion USD (2014) which supersedes the US’ 296 billion USD by far according to Juniper Research. Around 90 per cent of online shopping in China is transacted through e-commerce marketplaces which have the potential to bring China’s online consumers within reach of even the smallest Australian exporters. This was highlighted at our recent E-Commerce with China workshop presented by Todd Miller from TradeStart at the Polaris Centre.

Selling through Chinese e-commerce platforms can provide potentially some easier ways to export. Some of the advantages which were highlighted at the workshop includes:

  • preferential policy and regulations of customs, inspection and tax, etc
  • ability to sell products directly to Chinese consumers
  • Mature technology enables buyers and sellers
  • Australian products are in demand
  • get real time insights and understanding of your consumers
  • avoid complex regulatory procedures into China
  • accessing logistic platforms to get your product to your customer

If you’re looking to export to China call us at the Polaris Centre on 8260 8205 as we can connect you to support services to assist your export plans.

For more specific information, Austrade has developed an China E-commerce Guide which can be downloaded. This is designed assist Australian producers understand and access China’s e-commerce markets.

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