Edinburgh Parks sites get snapped up

In the last 2 years in Edinburgh Parks several businesses have taken up 19.8ha of industrial sites creating over 250  jobs.  With the current pace of sites being taken up and with more deals in the pipeline this is supporting a smooth transition away from automotive activity and creating alternate job opportunities for displaced workers in the auto-sector.  What we are seeing is good value buying where businesses are realising the established infrastructure in the area; strategic location near to business opportunities; and the high quality buildings the ex-automotive buildings offer. These advantages were recently be reported in the The Advertiser where businesses explain why they have made the move to Edinburgh Parks over other locations. Read here. 

The businesses that have made the Edinburgh Parks their home in last 2 years include:


  • Footerville
  • Mayfield Engineering
  • Dowell Windows
  • Tilling
  • Comfresh
  • Infuse Bottling Company

Some of the many reasons why business are seeing the value in Edinburgh Parks include:

  • $1 billion Northern Connector under construction which will reduce transport times further the advantages the area offers which will be further complimented by South Road upgrades. Completion expected 2019/20.
  • Proximity to major Defence Contractors, Defence Science and Technology Group and RAAF Base.
  • Large variety of freight companies and Distribution Centres such as Coles Distribution Centre based in Edinburgh Parks.
  • Growing Food Processing industry in Adelaide’s North.
  • The potential the area will be further boosted if successful with Australian Government’s $10 billion-plus LAND 400 – Land Combat Vehicle System program which will involve the delivery and sustainment of up to 467 infantry fighting vehicles to replace Army’s M113AS4 armoured personnel carrier fleets. This phase is worth about $10-15 billion in acquisition, plus more than three decades of sustainment. Sources http://www.defencesa.com/projects/land-combat-vehicle-system-program ; http://www.defencesa.com/media/audio-visual-resources/land-combat-system-precinct-flythrough

Salisbury Council actively supports businesses grow and expand in the area. For details of the support available and the latest business successes visit www.salisburybusiness.com.au

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