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Fitness Power Train

Fitness Power Train, based at Para Hills, is a community based gym that has already developed a true family atmosphere after just five years of operation. The gym provides personal training, massage, group training, supplements and clothing.

“I would give anyone the Polaris Centre’s number straight away and point them in the right direction” – Fitness Power Train owner Danny Mulyono

Owner Danny Mulyono admits he was “reasonably new” to the business world when he established Fitness Power Train. “It was my first time exploring my own business and I was still pretty young,” he said. “I had worked in factories prior and contacted the Polaris Centre because I was after some guidance.”

Danny has completed the Coaching for Success program and is currently involved with a Polaris Centre mentor. He said the group format for the coaching program was invaluable, helping him to learn from others’ experiences, mistakes and achievements.

“Since then (Coaching for Success) I have expanded and moved into a bigger premise,” Danny said. “Without even realising it my business was progressing, partly because of the stuff I did and learnt at Polaris. It is an amazing program.”

“The ongoing support and dedication from the mentors has also been great. They are all extremely passionate about business, but even more so about helping others to be successful. They continue to stay in contact simply of their own will.”

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