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Icon Graphic Design, based at Mawson Lakes, produces artwork for almost any project. From logo designs to business cards, letterheads to brochures and even signage, Icon Graphic Design can undertake or even print manage most projects.

“We are learning a lot and it’s been great. I’ve recommended the Polaris Centre to a number of people” – Icon Graphic Design partner Paul Danher-Hart

“While we’ve been operating for 22 years now, (promotion) had always been word of mouth. Our clients had always fed us plenty of work,” said Icon Graphic Design Partner Paul Danher-Hart. “Marketing the business was something we had never done, but with the recent downturn work started to dry up so we decided to ramp things up a bit.”

Paul contacted the Polaris Centre for assistance and participated in the Mentoring for Success program and attended several networking evenings. He says it was a Business Fundamentals workshop that made it “quite clear to us that our issue was marketing”.

“We are now actively marketing the business and it has become an ongoing thing,” Paul said. “We are learning a lot more about SEO, social media and moving into streams we hadn’t looked at before.”

“I know that it sounds silly, but we hadn’t really learnt how to run a business… we are graphic designers. There is a formula to running a business that you have to know and implement, which has been invaluable to us. It’s like being a mechanic; they know all about cars but may not know how to run a business.”

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