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4 must haves to improve your content marketing

Content Marketing has been around for a few years now as a buzz word in the online marketing space, but how do you do it and what do you need to know about it? Here are 4 must haves to help you on your path to content marketing success.

    1. Education: Urszula from has created this great set of slides to accompany her workshop being held on May 13th. There are a host of great tips in the workshop as well as some practical tools to help improve your content marketing.
    2. Content Plan: Urszula will cover how to create a content plan in the workshop but if you can’t make the workshop, or you are looking to download the pdf post workshop, you can find the content marketing plan printable PDF here. This content plan will help you improve your content marketing and allow you to really focus on the words and topics in your overall strategy.
    3. Content Schedule: Knowing when and how the content is going to be pushed out is obviously critical to help improve your content marketing strategy. The folks at Hubspot want to help you improve your content marketing and have provided this calendar template for that purpose. “Check out this free Excel template that can help you with your blogging calendar (you may need to sign up to get this free template). The template is designed to keep you on track as you develop awesome content that your prospects, customers and readers will love.”
    4. Skills: The most important thing though is the content itself and for many, this is the major sticking point. Knowing what roles are needed to the jobs required is a good starting point and this blog post at Hootsuite gives a nice overview of those roles. Urszula looks at the motivational aspects of creating quality content in her workshop but in order to get the ball rolling, or if you feel your skills in this area are not up to scratch, you could always look into buying the skills in. Content strategists are starting to pop up around Adelaide and a local business in our network, “Pepper Content“, has been doing some great stuff for other businesses in the area.

So get along to our free Digital Enterprise Program workshop to help improve your content marketing and start getting quality traffic to your site.

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