Mr Nice Guys love working with Geoff Haygreen and the Polaris Centre

Mr Nice Guys

Everybody always said starting a business is hard work and they were not wrong!

We started Mr Nice Guys over 3 years ago in an effort to support disadvantaged families with their home clean-ups to ensure that they did not lose their tenancies. We help with interior cleanups, yards and rubbish removals. We offer a personalised home care program, working with individuals where ever possible encouraging participation in their own home beautification. We offer our services to Government Departments, Non Government agencies that support people in their homes and private customers.

After working in the community sector for many years we really had no concept of the realities of running a business from home. We did not even begin to have an understanding of what lay ahead in regards to the hours we would need to put in behind the scenes, nor the complexities of laws, superannuation, WorkCover, payroll, accounting, GST , taxes and oh so much more.

When we were at the stage of thinking “all we didn’t know was too hard”, we came across the Polaris Centre and the small business mentoring programs. We attended the introductory Business Fundamentals session and signed up for mentoring, knowing that the road ahead could become easier if we had someone to guide us. From the first to our pending last session we have learnt and grown as small business owners. We have truly been mentored through every step of our journey and we often reflect that we could not have been as successful in our business without this guidance and support.

For us the mentoring experience has been so successful that we will continue with our participation even though the subsidising funding has ceased. It seems that every month there is something that comes up that we want to discuss, take suggestions on or ask for advice. Our relationship with our mentor, Geoff Haygreen, has helped us to grow both personally and professionally.

If you are considering starting or buying a business in the Northern Suburbs or you have already commenced a business and like us feel like you are swimming against the tide, please call the Polaris Centre and talk to them about the mentoring program. It will be one of the best calls you can make, for your success and most of all, for support to build the foundations of a successful business.

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