New partnerships to lead innovation and enterprise growth

As the manufacturing sector in South Australian continues to face challenges, there is now a compelling need to find transformative ways to transition the economic base of our state and northern Adelaide.

Two new partnerships of the University of South Australia aim to help drive innovation through the development of three new Centres. These new Centres will benefit SME’s, industry and students, and will play a key role in building future capacity.

The first partnership, underpinned by a $5million co-contribution from Hills Limited and the State Government, and in partnership with Flinders University will see the development of two new Centres – the Lance Hill Design Centre (named after the inventor of the Hills hoist) and the Digital Research and Commercialisation Centre. These aim to put South Australia at the forefront of innovative product design and technology expertise for a wide range of industries, from aged care and health to security and safety. They will be a showcase for smart collaboration in the State, engaging students, independent designers and innovators, researchers and businesses to collaborate on projects, incubate new ideas and products and commercialise new designs.

The second partnership between UniSA and Hewlett Packard will see a new HP Innovation and Collaboration Centre developed, with HP significantly expanding its South Australian workforce by 400. The State Government will also commit $150,000 a year for a student entrepreneur initiative that will support innovative students to pursue commercialisation of new ideas in the ICT sector in partnership with HP and other companies.

UniSA Vice Chancellor, Professor David Lloyd says the new partnerships will help to build a vibrant environment of enterprise and engagement which presents tangible opportunities for South Australians to lead innovation and economic growth.


If you are interested in discussing or learning more about how your organisation can connect with UniSA, contact Lisa McDonald or 8343 8732 at the Polaris Centre.

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