Innovation Programs

The Polaris Centre is northern industry’s gateway to transferrable real-world innovation. Through our unique strengths of combined local industry knowledge through the City of Salisbury and research expertise through the University of South Australia, we are helping to transform and advance northern industry for a sustainable growth future. Our direct partnerships and programs below offer a variety of platforms to facilitate innovation delivery to your business or industry, to develop robust global industries for the 21st century.

Northern Business Research Partnerships

Northern Business Research Partnerships (NBRP) is a seed funding program aiming to establish long-term research partnerships between the University of South Australia and organisations in the Northern Adelaide region.

The program provides small grants ($2k to $10k) for research projects developed jointly with partner organisations who match the NBRP investment. Each research project focusses on a specific research question posed by the partnering organisation which will not only deliver organisational benefit, but also economic or social benefit to Northern Adelaide.

Partnering organisations benefit from connecting with innovative, world-class research, gaining original knowledge to drive success and guide future strategy and development. Not-for-profit, government and a variety of SME’s and larger industry organisations have used the program to help advance and innovate their organisation and its outputs.

To find out more or discuss opportunities or ideas on how this program could directly help your organisation, please contact us.

Research and Innovation Clusters

UniSA clusters established around key contemporary themes and issues conduct a variety of unique multidisciplinary forums for information sharing and driving new knowledge. These include public seminars, symposia, workshops, and round-table conferences focussed on developing collaborative research projects that can help organisations and inform public policy and practice. These all include valuable networking opportunities with business leaders, practitioners, government bodies and researchers from a wide range of disciplines sharing a common interest, which can directly add value to your organisation.

UniSA currently has four Research and Innovation Clusters:

Healthy Kids Cluster
Human Rights and Security Cluster
Research in Regions Cluster
Art and Design of Health and Wellbeing Cluster
To find out more about our current Clusters or discuss opportunities or ideas, please contact us.

Innovation to Business Program

The Innovation to Business program works directly with northern industry to develop industry-wide opportunities and specialisations to deliver international growth and competitiveness and sustainable futures. This is achieved by bringing relevant industries and sectors together and applying research and knowledge to industry-identified issues and opportunities, to develop new areas of international expertise and sectoral specialisation. It ultimately aims to deliver long term prosperity and ongoing enterprise and innovation to the northern economy.

All northern industries are invited to connect with us on this significant program.

Lisa McDonald

Lisa McDonald

3D Printing – The benefits, the opportunities and the future

Two upcoming events brought to you through the University of South Australia and the Polaris Centre aim to help northern industry understand and embrace the opportunities around 3D printing.

The first seminar on the 4th of November presented by 3 experts in the area of additive manufacturing, Professor Gordon Wallace, Associate Professor Peter Murphy and Dr Stephen Beirne will discuss how the integration of materials science, high speed data transmission and 3D printing technologies is challenging the traditional approach to manufacturing. Specifically they will highlight:

  •  commercially available 3D printing solutions
  •  the new 3D printing technologies and materials on the horizon
  •  additive bio fabrication and implications for medical advances
  •  future opportunities for printing high-value add components

The second session on the 18th of November is an intimate, engaging and hands on workshop with Asscociate Professor Peter Murphy and Dr David Chan where attendees will have the opportunity to undertake some 3D printing in one of the University’s 3D printing laboratories. This session will really allow attendees to ask questions, increase their knowledge and explore the opportunities around 3D printing and how it can offer potential benefit to their business.

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Festival of Innovation- A local showcase of discovery

All things science, technology, engineering and maths will be celebrated at the upcoming UniSA Festival of Innovation on Thursday, 7 November 2013 at Mawson Lakes.

For industry it will be an opportunity to meet graduating students and see what they are capable of by visiting their project exhibition. You can also find out more about the research being undertaken at the University of South Australia and have the opportunity to tour the facilities at Mawson Lakes.

Previous years have been a great success. Businesses have found that they are blown away by the level of expertise and innovation in their backyard. Business owners have also found it particularly useful to understand the capacities of the University of South Australia and how it could aid their own innovation and growth as well as being key in identifying opportunities to secure the skill needs with their businesses.

To join this unique opportunity to get a behind the scenes of the latest technological innovation being carried out by the university’s students, meet with researchers from the science and technology institutes and to tour the state-of-the-art facilities, UniSA is hosting a showcase from 3pm on Thursday, 7 November.

For more information and to register click here


Lynnette, Asma and Lisa from UniSA

Lynette Kelly Wins ARMS 2013 Award of Excellence

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Lynette Kelly (pictured on right, with her team), Manager of the University of South Australia’s Strategic Research Partnerships and a key team member of the Polaris Centre embodies the essence of this quote. To be recognised for excellence in your field, you need to stretch yourself beyond the realms of a nine to five existence and have a 24/7 passion, faith and conviction that your work fulfils a greater purpose.

Lynette’s achievements were recently recognised at the Australasian Research Management Society Awards 2013 where she received the individual award for Excellence in Research Management.

Lynette has driven an extraordinary amount of collaborative projects between researchers, industry and community partners in the Northern Region. She has played an active role in The Northern Business Women’s Network and has helped it evolve into a valuable networking and business support group for women in Business in the North.

Lynette has also played an instrumental role in leading the Research and Innovation Cluster program at the University of South Australia, extending its local, national and global footprint and building its research projects and teams.

We are privileged to have Lynette on our team at the Polaris Centre and we look forward to our clients continuing to benefit from her experience and passion.