A Road Travelled Before…the benefits of having a mentor.

To find a mentor should be the priority of all Business owners.

Why go it alone when you can seek the guidance from someone who has been down that road before and knows the terrain.

The benefits of having a mentor:

  • Can identify your and your businesses strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide honest feedback
  • Help you identify options and make the right choices
  • Point out dangers and pitfalls
  • Set targets and goals together
  • “bounce” off ideas and be your “Sounding Board”
  • Help you to maximise your time, your strengths and your potential
  • Above all, to be your confidant.

The above benefits can only be achieved in an atmosphere of trust, which is developed over time and with regular face to face meetings.

Choosing your mentor:

  • Preferably, your mentor should have owned or owns his/her own business and has personally experienced all the issues that business owner’s face. Particularly around the areas of staff and customers. Your mentor must be acutely aware of and familiar with the functions of financials, marketing, selling, and leading and managing others.
  • Seek a mentor who has no other agenda but to see you win, they must be independent and have an outside perspective.
  • Some of the qualities to look for include: empathy, patience, honesty, insightfulness and reliability.
  • Your mentor should not be a family member, friend or shareholder, but someone who can be objective and forthright, but always communicating with compassion and understanding.

These are special people, but they are out there – eager to give back what they believe they have received in their own journey. They desire to see you and your business be the best that it can be.. They will take pleasure in helping you and walking with on your journey.

Here at Polaris Business Centre we have selected a panel of mentors who have these qualities. They have been trained not only through their own experiences but Polaris has a continuing process to provide training and skills in the art of professional mentoring.

We have set mentor packages starting at 3 monthly programs up to 10 monthly programs. Please call us to discuss our Mentoring for Success program and we will help you select the mentor that is most suited to you and your business.

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