Pat Caruso

Pat Caruso

Pat from We Create Print Deliver

On Thursday 28th April The Polaris Centre hosted  a SeniorPreneurs evening . Our guest presenter was Pat Caruso from We… Create Print Deliver

Pat gave a presentation around the importance of Branding and getting it right, first time

Pat reminded us that a brand is not a logo – A logo is our icon whereas the brand is an experience.

Customers experience “our Brand”  through the service we provide, the smile on our face and even the feeling  they (the customers) get in knowing they are appreciated and valued – this is your brand.

A good brand takes time and diligence to build up, but can be tarnished very quickly. Treat your brand as one of your most precious assets.

Polaris strives, to not only ensure that our own brand is upheld and recognized but that our clients are kept constantly aware of the importance of protecting their own brands.

Seniorpreneurs holds these evening events monthly across Adelaide, with various sponsors such as Polaris, hosting and providing the venues.