Several manufacturers to invest $46 million on back of grant success

Several northern Adelaide manufacturers have been successful in accessing $19 million in federal manufacturing grants to spur over $46 million in planned investments.

These businesses have won these grants through the Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme on merit and will invest at least double the grant amount to grow their business. An example includes Mayne Pharma who is investing $11 million in three machinery equipment pieces from their $4 million grant, which will fuel their rapid export growth.

This is strong indicator businesses have the confidence to invest and the ingenuity to create competitiveness strengths within their businesses. It also shows the how support from the government can stimulate a broad range of investments which will drive both jobs and investment in the manufacturing sector plus in majority of instances brings exports dollars back into our local community.

Successful Applicants

Ahrens Group Pty Ltd (SA) $3,083,487 Establish a flat bottom silo manufacturing operation in South Australia which will custom design, engineer, manufacture and construct ‘larger’ silos using world’s best practice and product and design innovations.
Levett Engineering Pty Ltd $1,632,500 Expand high value manufacturing capacity to meet production volumes required by existing contracts for components of the F35 Joint Strike Fighter and accelerate ability to take up new opportunities across diversified markets.
SA Structural Pty Ltd $1,261,140 Installation and commissioning of a state-of-the-art coping machine to cut steel using the dual thermal processes of high definition plasma, where extreme precision & quality finish is required.  This will replace a manual steel cutting process, and allow the company to diversify and expand its manufacturing capabilities and competitiveness.
Mayfield Industries Pty Ltd $1,414,981 Introduction of new plant and equipment, including the latest in Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM), and improvements to Enterprise Resource and Material Requirement Planning for the production of Switchboards and Transportable Switchrooms.
Ennio Pty Ltd $2,442,062 Purchase of newly designed, purpose built, high tech textile equipment, increasing the capacity and improving the productivity of manufacturing operations. The company is seeking to increase its price competitiveness and expand its export markets.
Mayne Pharma International Pty Ltd $4,000,000 Increase the existing capacity of the spray coating facility with the purchase of a new fluid bed spray coater, which will be used to apply coatings to medicine. Purchase of three key pieces of machinery:
Spray coating equipment including fluid bed, mixing vessels, feeders, controls, lifting devices, maintenance and cleaning equipment; and tablet coating equipment including the solution tank and tablet loader; and chiller.
BAE Systems Australia Limited $2,479,500 Establish a complex mill turn capability in hard metals (particularly using the super alloy Inconel).  Expand high-value manufacturing activities to encompass engine components for the Joint Strike Fighter, with the potential to access additional market opportunities in aerospace, oil and gas, nuclear and automotive industries.
Stevens Structural Pty Ltd $725,188 Develop a new Advanced Structural Steel Manufacturing Centre to increase workshop efficiencies, increase productivity and capacity and reduce production cycle times at its facility in Edinburgh North. This will involve the purchase of an automatic beam line and a plasma coping robot.
Ezy-Fit Engineering Group Pty Ltd $1,932,850 Through the purchase of CNC turning, machining and measuring equipment, the project will expand the company’s capability to manufacture heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders at its facility in Salisbury South.
MEA Pty Ltd (formerly A.E.M.Corporation Pty Ltd) $550,551 Purchase and installation of two 5-axis milling machines and an upgraded, larger grinding machine in the company’s manufacturing facility in Gillman.
Totals Grants $19,522,259
Total minimum investment across the businesses $46,044,518   
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