A year of digital enterprise successes

With the last of our workshops and group training sessions done for the year and only a few mentoring sessions to roll out before Christmas, I thought it might be a good time to reflect on some of the great digital enterprise successes that the Salisbury and Modbury Digital Enterprise Program has been part of this year. Since July 1st, we have worked with over 200 businesses. Here’s a snapshot of six of the digital business success stories for 2013. Please check these businesses out and add other digital success stories in the comment section below. 

Website redevelopments

Website redevelopments are always a testing time for businesses. Here are some examples of digital enterprise successes that have gone through a redevelopment recently.

Marvey Tech

John from Marvey Tech has been installing high end systems in cars for a number of years. After working with us, John decided to redevelop his website through local company Newport Digital.

Dance SA

DanceSa have been growing rapidly since 2010 and with more staff and dance studios coming on board Emma knew it was time to redo the website. With a bit of guidance from us, the new DanceSA site is looking slicker than ever.


After building her husband’s site in Wix with an embedded blog on Blogger, Merricc decided it was time to consolidate into one WordPress site.



When you are starting in business, a website should be close to the top of the list for the marketing and communications to do list. Check out these startups who’ve been involved in the program.

David Whiting Energy Solutions

David’s business is all about making people and businesses understand their energy consumption better to save money. He decided to get local business Smeek Media to build a website and incorporate some interactive surveys and Paypal buttons.


Connecting people face to face comes naturally to Michael but he wanted to get more involved in the online side of social and start using social media with his business Ozlinksocial.

The Fabulous Scavenger

Sam (whose picture heads up this blog post) has been picking up stuff from junk shops, garage sales and sometimes hard rubbish then turning it into all sorts of awesomeness, then blogging about it. Now Sam will start selling The Fabulous Scavenger up-cycled products and original photographic artworks at the “Pop Up in Prospect market is on Dec 14 from 9am-2pm in #VineSt Plaza #Prospectpic.twitter.com/0fmkcAvJD0” . We helped move her blog to her own domain and soon she plans to sell online.



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