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Kick start 2016 with one of your most essential tools, your business website 

Guest blog post by Allison Miller, Vanguard Visions 

The start of 2016 offers you the opportunity to kick start your year in the right direction through one of your most essential tools your business website.

Whether you are just starting out developing a website or it’s time to review your existing business website’s offering, here are some helpful tips to ensure your website is ready to lead your business through a successful year.

Start with the basics: Name your website correctly

On the internet, search engines like Google rule the world as they allow existing customers to easily find you and they bring organic traffic to your website through web searches or ‘googling’.
In order for these search engines to easily link your business website to people’s searches it is important to make it clear what your business does through the website’s name and URL (Uniform Resource Locator), aka the web link which directs people to your website.

If you already have a website, it may be time to reconsider the URL or even your business name to make it more user-friendly on the web.

Grab it quick: Register your website’s domain name

Once you have some idea about what you will call your website ensure you register the domain name or URL, eg, as soon as possible.  If you are not 100% ensure which URL will be the final one, register a couple of names. This can be easily and cheaply done through website name registration sites such as Crazy Domains or Go Daddy.

Go alone or get help: Consider who will develop your business website

Creating a website can be very overwhelming as there is so much to know and do. One of the first things to do is to work out if you will be creating your own website or whether you will be getting someone else to do it.  This is basically a game of your time vs your money – that is, do you have the time to learn how to create and then develop a website or would it be better to invest the money in getting someone else who is a professional in this area to do it?  Either way, it’s costing you money, as your time is money as you could be developing your business rather a website (which is not your core business).

Don’t leave it empty: Determine where the content is coming from

Now that have your website planned out, the next thing to consider is: What information will you put on your business website and who is going to create this content? Content is king on the inter-web, but it is also one of the biggest stumbling blocks in getting a website finished.  Choosing the right content for your website is important, so always ensure it is appealing and useful to the website users. A business website is just like a house – it’s never finished. It always needs to look fresh and appealing to visitors through new and exciting content, and it needs to be kept neat and tidy with any rubbish removed out of sight, so once established, continually review your website for ways to improve it.

Click here to read the full version of this article by Allison Miller of Vanguard Visions to learn more about how you can ensure your website is ready to lead your business through a successful year.
Do you want to know other ways of ensuring your website is ready to lead your business through a successful year?

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